About Us

About Us

Welcome to Little Mahi!

Little Mahi is born out of my passion for curating.  I have always loved to craft from sewing to painting and sketching, any kind of crafting always made my soul smile.  When I had my son, Arjun, I poured this passion into creating masterpieces for my baby boy.  Sneaking in time between diaper changes and naps, my crafting was my escape from the busy world of caring for a little baby.  

I knew I wanted to share my creations with others, but it wasn’t until the birth of my daughter, Mahi, and the gift of time that the Covid-19 pandemic brought, that I was presented with the perfect opportunity to start my small business; Little Mahi.

It is very important to me to create products that are safe, functional and eco-friendly, and Little Mahi is dedicated to ensuring this for your little ones.  All of our products are made with completely non toxic, natural and organic materials, where ever possible.  From our personalized blankets to our beautiful handmade dolls, each item is one of a kind and made with love and care.  We take pride in ensuring our products are locally and ethically made in Canada.